Gardening gets chic!

Gardening gets chic!
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Get green fingered with the brilliant chic new website

Just because you haven't got a Cotswolds bolthole a la Kate Moss, it doesn't mean you can't get planting out in the sunshine. We've stumbled across this gorgeous and genius new website which caters specifically for the more, shall we say, urban garden spaces.

Whether you have mere window box space, balcony or small patio there is a garden box of treats ready made for you. Worried about caring for your new green pals? Fear not – try out their clever watering system, The PlantMinder - a self watering irrigation system for house plants which you need only tend every six weeks.

It’s also a trove for divine gifts  - we’ve gone Barbie mad for the pink trowel set as well as darling vintage finds. Frankly it’s perked our summer no end.

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