Gangster Squad turned Emma Stone from "girl next door to woman"

Gangster Squad turned Emma Stone from "girl next door to woman"

Gangster Squad's costume designer, Mary Zophres, reveals how she created Emma Stone's sexiest on-screen look yet and what it was like to dress Ryan Gosling...

InStyle sat down with costume designer, Mary Zophres, to get the lowdown on what went on behind the scenes of Gangster Squad. The 40s-tastic flick tells the tale of a group of police who turn vigilante to keep the mafia out of Los Angeles. Ryan stars as LAPD officer Jerry Wooters, while Emma makes a fiery return as a redhead, playing love interest Grace Faraday.


Mary, who's been Oscar nominated in the past for her work on True Grit, had the job of creating Emma's most sultry movie look to date. She revealed that the retro makeover was a case of no pain, no gain for the starlet: "One thing that women in those days had to do was to wear pretty serious bras and girdles – we reduced Emma’s waist by 3 inches! She’s a very trim girl but we sucked her waist in even more with the undergarments; she was a total pro and was totally game to do that but I’m sure that she wasn’t very comfortable."


And once Emma's killer figure was unveiled, Mary did everything to show it off: "She also has great legs and once I’d seen them in the fitting, the red gown that you first see her in had to change. The original sketch of the red gown didn’t have a slit in it but once I’d seen her legs I had to make a feature of them."

She added: "In real life Emma is so lovely, she’s the girl next door. We wanted her to look like a woman and she was totally into it."

As for leading man, Ryan, Mary shared: "He was a dream to work with because he just looked so good in the clothes we made for him, he is a very well-proportioned man."

Off screen, Mary says her ones to watch in the fahsion stakes are: "Cate Blanchett, Penelope Cruz and Emma Stone - they always look smashing on the red carpet. Ryan [Gosling], of course, looks great and George Clooney always looks so classic. I’m a sucker for a classic look and George is our modern day Clark Gable."


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