The Best Things To Happen This Week

The Best Things To Happen This Week

Have you seen all these? We truly hope so...

The Internet is a pretty hilarious place and every week, reliably, it throws up some videos, blogs and memes which make for absolute procrastination GOLD. You know the drill; everyone watches it, talks about it and then the next big thing comes along and everyone forgets it (apart from that ridiculous dress).

So, we’re rounding up the best things to happen so 1) you don’t miss them and 2) you’ve got somewhere reliable to come if you’re feeling a bit blue...

Here are the best things to happen...

Durex Condoms

Yes, we wish we were joking. When we first saw the news about Durex's new savoury condom range (aubergine flavoured, to match the emoji obviously), we didn't quite know how to feel. But before we started questioning how acceptable it is to turn sex into a tasting experience (you do whatever makes you feel good), turns out the condoms are actually a hoax. Durex just want Apple to make a condom emoji, to encourage safe sex. PHEW!

And in older (but equally excellent) news... Remember these?

1. The Queen sends out her second ever tweet (it's too cute)

Yes, Ma'am has taken another step into the world of social media by sending out her second EVER tweet, thanking people for all her birthday wishes. 'Digital messages'...she's just too much...



2. This Adorable Grandma On Google

Ben Eckersley blessed the world when he Tweeted out a search he found on his grandmother's laptop... Cutest thing ever. And the internet thought so to with thousands of replies FLOODING in.

After it went viral, Google and Google UK actually replied!

3. This Sassy Relationship Contract

This 8th grader's set of T+Cs (that the boy agreed to sign)...


4. Meryl Streep As Donald Trump

Just incredible.


5. #HotDogPrincess

Everyone's going mad for this cute girl who wore a hotdog costume to Princess Day (yeh, we don't know either) at her school.


6. This Girl Getting A Doll...

The video of Emma Bennett, a young American girl with a prosthetic leg, getting an doll with a prosthetic leg is unbelievably sweet...


7. James Corden Carpools with Chewbacca Mum

We're not ashamed to say that we nearly choked on our toast laughing when we first saw Chewbacca Mum - and now it's time for the second round! Beating Ellen to nab Candace Payne for her first major TV appearance, James Corden carpooled with Candace and none other than JJ Abrams - all in Chewbacca masks, of course.  

8. No Context Louis

Fans of Louis Theroux (so, everyone) will know that filming his documentaries sometimes gets him into pretty odd scenarios. This Twitter is snapshots of the documentary master in different odd scenarios, without context (obvs).

9. Shit Model Management Instagram

Two models undercover thoughts on their careers... Lol.

*watches strands of my hair fall out of my head one after the other* #baldlife

A post shared by Shit Model Management (@shitmodelmgmt) on


10. These Totally Amazing Met Gala Dress Instagrams

Katy, the Olsen twins, Zayn Malik, Solange — everyone got the Tommy Lenk treatment. The ex-Buffy star recreated the red carpet looks using only things in his house and the results were INCREDIBLE.


(For more, check out Tommy Lenk's Instagram...)

11. Donald Trump In His Mean Girls Debut

The Republican candidate as a Plastic... It's a must-watch.

12. Parents Scaring The SH*T Out Of Their Children With Snapchat

Yes, it's kind of mean and we don't condone this kind of behaviour but have a look...

13. Bieber Getting Owned By An 11-Year Old

A school pupil's letter to Mr Bieber has gone viral after he called out the singer on the use of the 'subjective mood' in his song Boyfriend.


Please like/share this letter written by a pupil from my year 5/6 class, in South West Cornwall. They want to see how...

Posted by Louise Williams on Friday, 26 February 2016


14. This Real Life Disney Story

The video has re-emerged about a penguin who visits a man, who saved its life when he was stuck in an oil slick, every year... SO cute.

15. Taste Of Streep

This Instagram is just excellent. The formula is Meryl Streep + food (+ a little bit of Photoshopping) = a hilarious feed. 

16. The Cumberbunny

Described as '400g of everyone's favourite detective', the Chocolate Cumberbunny is the Easter dream - and for only £50, though £70 if you want the white chocolate version with the 22 carat gold bow tie.

17. An Orangutan Washing Its Face With A Cloth

Eve Lom, you've got a new potential customer... That video has emerged of an orangutan cleaning its face with a jazzy stripey flannel and it's excellent.


18. Barack Obama 'Singing' Bieber's 'Sorry'

A famous person (kind of) singing a famous song - never gets old...

19. The DrakeOnCake Instagram

It is what it says on the tin - Drake lyrics, on a cake... Lol.

20. Kanye + Wiz Khalifa's Crazy Public Twitter Spat

The 3-day (and ongoing) argument between the two musicians saw some of the most embarrassing Tweets we've kind of ever seen - going in to the most personal areas of their lives... Check Kanye's Twitter account for the full recap, and here's a little taster...

21. That Panda In The Snow Video

Have you all seen it? Most likely, but it never stops warming your <3

22. The Story About A Monkey-Raccoon Hybrid

The account of an unnamed woman in Miami who was woken up by a 'furry big animal' (see below) caressing her face... 

23. Holly Willoughby And Phillip Schofield With Brutal Post-NTA Hangovers

The usually squeaky clean duo rocked up on Thursday morning, after their NTAs win, looking a little worse for wear... Maybe it was the stains on Holly's dress (yuh, they hadn't changed) or their dazed jabbering that gave away their hangovers, but it was LOL.

24. This Photoshop Genius Merging Celeb Faces...

Have you seen the result of Gesichtermix Photoshopping 'German and International' celebrities' faces together? It's excellent... Guess WHO?

... Leo + Sean Penn

... Claire Danes + J-Law

And there's 127 more where that came from on the Gesichtermix Instagram...

25. The Puddle

A massive puddle in Newcastle gained cult status and tens of thousands of watchers when a marketing company streamed people trying to cross it on Periscope. 

The managing director of Drummond Central told the BBC: ‘It's crazy, we watch it every single day […] We decided to stream it purely for our own amusement […] I'd love to say there's some clever deep strategy but it is just genuinely hilarious.’ 

The best part was when a man came down with a surf board and a lilo. Sadly it’s over now, having come to an end around 5.15pm on Wednesday but we look back at the very best moments fondly…


26. Making A Murderer Hairstyles Tumblr

It’s the Netflix show that’s got everyone literally (yes, LITERALLY) obsessed. Following the story of Steve Avery and members of the Avery family over court cases spanning over 20 years, it’s got everyone absolutely hooked. 

All ten episodes are available already so it’s an absolute spoiler nightmare, but something you can look at safely is a Tumblr page which has noticed just how fabulous the hairstyles are in the programme, with captions such as ‘A great do for making cheesy pies and feta filled salads. Also a great do for doodling police sketches that send an innocent man to jail for rape’. If you’re a fan of the show (and who isn’t?), check it out.

In the words of Steve Wilkes, copywriter of Drummond Central of puddlegate: 'All I can say is, god bless the internet.'

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