From Zoella and Alfie to Felix and Marzia, Meet The 5 Most Powerful Vlogger Couples

They're generation Y's answer to Posh and Becks, whose YouTube audiences stretch well into the millions. Meet the four most powerful vlogger couples pulling in the clicks.

1) Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg and Marzia Bisognin

AKA: 'Melix'

Combined subscribers: 39 million

Specialist subjects: Video games (Felix) and style (Marzia)

Mush-factor: 4/5

Was it love at first byte? Mazia: 'I first saw Felix on one of his 'scary' videos and instantly started laughing at his high-pitched screams!'

Best on-screen moment? Felix: 'Doing a sumo video together!'

Next up? 'Life together in our cosy Brighton flat with our pugs Maya and Edgar.'

Have you seen our @boohooofficial haul? :D

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2) Zoella Sugg and Alfie Deyes

AKA: 'Zalfie'

Combined subscribers: 10 million

Specialist subjects: Fashion, beauty, lifestyle (Zoella) random stuff (Alfie)

Mush-factor: These two prefer to keep their online profiles relatively separate, though will pop up in the background of each other's vlogs now they're living together. 'For those of you who are gutted that Alfie is not a single man' wrote Zoella on her blog when the relationship was revealed, 'I give you 100% permission to stalk, flirt and hug him until he is blue in the face!'

Anything else? Twitter went into meltdown recently when the pair moved into a £1 million pad in Brighton together.

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On our way to Orlando! ✈️

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3) Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman

AKA: 'Janya'

Combined subscribers: 4.8 million

Specialist subjects: Beauty (Tanya) and pop culture and men's fashion (Jim)

Mush factor: 3/5

Pet names? Jim: 'Loads! T-bomb, Teebs, Kiddo. We've been together for over eight years, so hundreds of pet names have come and gone.'

Next up? Tanya: 'Touring for my book Love, Tanya, and getting married!'


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4) Niomi Smart and Marcus Butler

AKA: 'Narcus'

Combined subscribers: 4.5 million

Specialist subjects: Random stuff

Mush factor: 5/5

When did you meet? Niomi: 'We went to school together so we were friends then. I was always attracted to Marcus' cheeky smile!'

Nicknames? Marcus: 'Nimbob came first'

Next up? Marcus: 'Moving to either London or LA.'

Spreading the lurrrvvv even though it's not Valentine's Day anymore 😘

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Step inside Zoella and Alfie's £1 million house

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