Friends’s Central Perk comes to central London

Friends’s Central Perk comes to central London
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To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Friends’s TV debut, Central Perk hits the capital.

Barely a day goes by here at InStyle when we don’t covet Jennifer Aniston’s hair or daydream about being Mrs Matthew Perry (old crushes die hard) and, even though Friends is on perma-rotation on E4, we’re still not sure we’ve seen every episode…

It’s been 15 years since we first met Ross and Rachel (15 years? Could we be feeling any older?) and, to mark the anniversary, Warner is releasing a new box-set of the ten-season-long sitcom, complete with never-seen-before footage.

But, even more excitingly, the comedy's coffee shop set Central Perk is opening for two weeks only as a pop-up cafe in Soho – so you can basically pretend you’re on set, sitting around drinking coffee and doodling “I heart Chandler” all over your notebook.

It's all just a little bit glitzy, as the cafe will be filled with actual props – as touched by Courteney Cox, et al – such as Rachel's wedding dress from the very first episode; Joey and Chandler's "best bud" bracelets; a bar of Mokolate and the like.

Plus, if you visit Warner’s Friends site after 14 September, you can download a voucher for a free cup of coffee (we're all about the freebie). And we hear on the java-vine that Gunther might be making an extra-spesh appearance…

Central Perk is at 67 Broadwick Street, London W1, from Thursday 24 September to Wednesday 7 October.

By Harriet Reuter Hapgood

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