If ever there was a walking advert for Pilates, it was Madonna at last night’s Grammy Awards. Revealing her ridiculously pert derriere in none other than a ‘bum scrunchie’ (that’s what we’re calling it, anyway) there was not a dimple of cellulite in sight. If you didn’t know this was a woman on the wrong side of 50 ( her Madgesty is 56, to be precise) it wouldn’t have been a stretch to imagine it was the behind of someone at least 25 years younger.

Whilst we all hold our opinions on whether this behavior is fitting for a woman of her age – and here I shall keep my thoughts to myself - the point is this: it was an unnecessary stunt.  After all, Madonna was at last night’s Grammy’s to perform her new single Living For Love – and it’s bloody brilliant. Featuring a regal piano line that harks back to eighties house music, it also recalls classics like Express Yourself and Like A Prayer, both tracks from the Golden Era in the singer’s back history. In the accompanying video, she even busts some Papa Don’t Preach footwork and Vogue shoulder rolls – she’s clearly cottoned on, at last, to the fact that her die hard fans have had enough of over produced dance songs and instead want what she’s best at: great pop music.

And next time she’s on the red carpet? Take a tip from us - you might have an amazing arse but let the music speak for itself and keep that butt covered up.