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You voted for Fleur De Force as your Most Outstanding YouTuber of the Year - here's what happened when Fleur met Rankin for our Project 13 photoshoot

Fleur De Force

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The very best YouTubers, the ones who command an audience of millions, have a skill for making this whole video thing look easy. ‘And trust me, it’s not,’ smiles Fleur Bell. The vlogger (aka Fleur de Force) is one of those YouTubers who makes it all seem like a doddle, whether she’s guiding her million-strong following through a smoky eye or chatting to us about blusher by the buffet on the InStyle shoot. Since she started uploading beauty how-to videos in 2009 – while her LSE (London School Of Economics) peers were lining up for careers in banking – she’s built up a subscriber base of 1.3 million people, landed a bestselling book deal and launched her very own make-up line. She might have rejected the City for vlogging, but it’s obvious that Fleur has a serious nose for business. Nevertheless, even a seasoned YouTuber can find their world a little odd sometimes. ‘I did a vlog on a plane recently. That was embarrassing,’ she says. ‘The guy next to me was wondering what on earth I was doing.’

Portraits By Rankin

Portrait by Rankin


AGE: 27

PROVENANCE: Northamptonshire

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: Fleur studied Geography at university in London, but began posting summer beauty essentials and monthly make-up favourites on her channel in 2010 – a nice break from essays. After graduating, Fleur decided to pick up the tripod and become a full-time YouTuber, choosing the www over 9 to 5. Fleur picked up tips and tricks on how to run a successful channel by watching her favourite YouTubers for a year before posting her own content, her view count rocketing up to 1.2 million subscribers to date.

FROM GRAD TO GLAM: Earlier this year, Fleur released her debut book The Glam Guide, which sold thousands of copies in its first week alone. Spilling all of Fleur’s top tips on first date outfits, make-up tutorials and how to stick to a healthy lifestyle, The Glam Guide quickly became a bookshelf bible for vlog fans everywhere.

BRIDE DE FORCE: Fleur married her husband Mike back in 2013, in a picture-perfect ceremony you can watch on her vlog channel. The couple actually met at a friend’s barbecue, and while they didn’t get off to the best start (“I think I love you” – just what every girl wants to hear…), the happy couple have now been together for eight years.

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