FKA Twigs


She’s known for being a perfectionist and has taught herself to co-produce her own music and direct videos. And her new one fits right in with her edgy persona. For her new single, Glass & Patron, we see Twigs in the back of a van hidden deep within a forest. Lying down with a huge bump, she reaches down, ready to pull the baby out herself and then…gives birth to some scarves and a troupe of dancers who then, in turn, krump and Vogue it up a storm.

In previous videos, we’ve only seen the odd demonstration of Twigs’s dance moves. But here, she shows exactly why she used to be such an in-demand backing dancer. The girl throws shapes that would make Madonna gasp. Maybe Twigs made this video in homage to Vogue’s recent 25th anniversary? We'd certainly like to think so.

One thing that can’t be denied is this: whether you like her music or admire her style, the very fact that the quirky Twigs’s boyfriend is RPatz makes him, well, just a bazzilion times more interesting…