Five Reasons Why Miss Piggy Should Be Your Role Model

Five Reasons Why Miss Piggy Should Be Your Role Model
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The new Muppet movie comes to town at the end of this week, which gives us a good excuse to celebrate its fabulous leading lady...

1. She hasn’t let considerable drawbacks stand in her way. Despite being a pig, she has crafted a very successful TV and movie career and is box office gold (the last Muppet movie raked in 100 million at the box office.)

2. She wrote a book that, unlike anything ‘Kermee’ ever penned, wound up on top of the New York Times best-seller list.

3. Unlike some Hollywood types, she has no insecurities whatsoever.  Modesty is simply not in her vocabulary. She is a strong, independent female – and not afraid to show it.

4. She’s a feminist (see above) but knows this does not mean we must spurn femininity. To her, being a woman means you must embrace one’s beauty and talent - whilst taking it for granted that everyone else does, too.

5. She has won over our very own Queen. Some of Muppets Most Wanted was filmed at the Tower of London, but only after the Palace granted permission. Surely this rare permission was granted solely on the basis of Miss. Piggy’s star power?

Muppets Most Wanted goes on general release in the UK on March 28th

By Niki Browes

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