Find Out What Miranda Kerr Had to Say About THAT Brawl

Find Out What Miranda Kerr Had to Say About THAT Brawl
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The model has opened up on the truth behind her rumoured boyfriend James Packer's fight with Nine News Editor David Gyngell

Miranda Kerr has spoken for the first time about the scrap between her rumoured boyfriend, billionaire James Packer, and his old friend David Gyngell. Despite suggestions that Miranda was at the centre of the row, Kerr has said the fight was nothing to do with her: 'They weren't fighting over me' she told The Sunday Times Style. She also went onto deny suggestions that the pair are dating. 'James and I are friends' she said, 'but people want to make a story, the public want to put me with someone. I know the truth, I am single, and the people that are important to me know the truth, and that is all.'

Miranda's marriage to husband Orlando Bloom ended in October last year. Bloom also recently hit the headlines over a scuffle in a bar with Justin Bieber. The pair have shared custody over their son Flynn, 3. 'The nanny is with [Flynn] all the time when he is with Orlando; don't get me wrong, he's a great dad, it's just me being a protective mother and wanting to make sure all his needs are met. I want to keep Flynn's routine. Orlando's fine with it, he likes it, it's less pressure.'

And despite the perfect skin - and bod - she insists she knows how to let her hair down. 'Of course I have a wicked side. Don't we all? I can go to a party and have a drink or two and dance all night, but I don't feel the need to overdo it.'

By Lucy Pavia / @lucypavia

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