Downton Deserted Us: Here Are 6 Other Final Series That Left A Hole In Our Lives

Downton Deserted Us: Here Are 6 Other Final Series That Left A Hole In Our Lives

Downton Abbey is finished forever and we're not quite sure what to do next. From Gossip Girl to Breaking Bad, here are six of the biggest shows that left a huge hole in our lives

It’s official – watching the last ever episode of your favourite TV show will leave you feeling like you’ve just gone through a break-up, so we’re betting Downton fans aren’t feeling too great today. Warning: there are some spoilers lurking below…

After we saw Mary finally get her happy ending with Henry Talbot last night, a study by Freesat says that over half of Downton fans will feel “intense sorrow” today, and one in five will feel lost without the show - us included. We’re recapping the best Downton Abbey quotes from all six series to ease the pain.

Downton, we don’t want you to leave us! But to fill the void, we’re reminiscing about these six other shows that left a major hole in our lives… 

Breaking Bad
Whether you binge watched (it’s the most popular word of 2015, don’t you know) all five series in a week or were a dedicated fan from the start, saying goodbye to Walter White was not easy – especially with that ending. Did Heisenberg deserve to go that way, and where’s Jesse now?! Well, at least it's still on Netflix

Mad Men
Mad Men had us hooked with those fifties frocks and seventies flares (Megan Draper's beauty looks were giving us serious retro inspo), but it was Don’s wild lifestyle that kept us watching. We never thought we’d see Don crying in a commune, but it worked out pretty well for him (and his bank balance) in the end. Coke, anyone?

Gossip Girl
If you don’t know who Gossip Girl is by now, where have you been?! Six series ended in 2012 with Lonely Boy himself being revealed as the reigning queen of the Upper East Side, and yet he still managed to get the girl. Not too shabby for the boy from Brooklyn. Have you seen Blake Lively's audition tape, btw?

It’s been over 10 years since the gang shared their last coffee in Central Perk, but we’re still mourning Friends – especially after it was cruelly kicked off our E4 evening routine in 2011. Any hope of that Friends movie, then? Please? 

A plane crash is pretty much the only thing we can be sure of after six series of Lost, where Jack, Kate and Sawyer flashed between the past and the future until eventually ending, well, somewhere in the middle. This is one you’re going to need to watch to understand.

Sex And The City
Will they, won’t they?! Carrie kept us guessing whether Mr Big would be her Mr Right straight through to the final episode – and even then their relationship wasn’t safe. We’ll miss Carrie’s shoes almost as much as we’ll miss her life dilemmas: “I've spent $40,000 on shoes and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes!”

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