Fifty Shades Of Grey: What We Made Of The Film Everyone Is Talking About

Fifty Shades Of Grey: What We Made Of The Film Everyone Is Talking About

InStyle got an exclusive first look at the new Fifty Shades Of Grey film when it premiered in Berlin last night. Here's what we made of the sexiest film of the year.

Let's talk about the sex
Bondage, spanking, nipples - this film is all about the sex. OK, not ALL, but there's a lot of bare skin and sweaty bodies to take in and the sex scenes are pretty long, averaging five minutes each. At one point Dakota Johnson's Anastasia asks Christian (Jamie Dornan) if he can make love to her. "Two things" he replies, "I don't make love. I f**k. Hard." Though director Sam Taylor-Johnson keeps it all pretty tasteful, the nudity is shot artistically and the detail isn't very graphic.

Is there good chemistry between Dakota and Jamie?
Yes. Jamie Dornan's Christian Grey is true to the billionaire bachelor we first meet in the book: sexy, smart and immaculate but also intimidating, dominant and slightly cold. Dakota Johnson is a warm and very likeable Anastasia Steele - young and naive, but also strong-minded. The film is built around the clash of these two very different personalities and worlds. At the premiere we asked Jamie Dornan how he found working with Dakota. "I felt comfortable from the start," he told us, "Dakota is an amazing woman and she never put pressure on me. She let me take confidence in the fact that I was just doing my job."

Best performance?
Dakota Johnson puts in a brilliant and very natural performance as Anastasia Steele. She feels like one of us.

How different to the book is it?
There's definitely less sex in the movie, though the detail and close-ups make what is included pretty full-on. Dakota's Anastasia is stronger and sassier than the Ana we meet in the book. Sam Taylor-Johnson told us it was very important to her that she was. "It was important to me that I was making a movie about empowering a woman. In the end, Ana has the final word."

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How romantic is it?
There are some pretty romantic moments along with all the nudity and sex: when Christian charges in like a white knight to rescue Ana when she's drunk, there's some hot topless piano playing from Dornan and the pair waltz around his swish penthouse apartment in bare feet. But equally the BDSM-scenes - when Christian is telling Ana to bend forward so he can spank her - mean you probably don't want to watch it with your parents. We asked Dornan if he thinks the movie might have a positive affect on viewers' sex lives. "It might do" he replied, while Dakota told us "it's one movie for the ladies, for sure."

About the soundtrack...
The score is VERY sexy, particularly a slow rendition of Beyonce's 'Crazy In Love' which fades into the first BDSM sex scene. We asked Sam Taylor-Johnson to tell us her favourite track from the film. "It's hard to pick favourites," she told us, "but I was really excited at the beginning of the movie and knew I wanted a really powerful song at the end. We finish with The Weekend, but we also have Annie Lennox at the beginning - a really powerful female voice - which was very exciting."

By Allegra Zerz, who writes for InStyle Germany

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50 Shades of Grey opens in cinemas this weekend

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