It's hard to believe that all the frenzy surrounding the Fifty Shades of Grey book series and consequential film deal all kicked off in 2012 and, after thinking we'd have to wait AGES for the flick to actually hit cinemas, low and behold it's now a mere six weeks until it's official release. Tell us; where does the time go?

If you weren't already excited enough at the thought of seeing the ever gorgeous Jamie Dornan — for the lack of a better word — starkers, the hype-building Fifty Shades wonder team have unveiled another tidbit from the film that's guaranteed to whet your appetite. 

Following the big reveal that Beyoncè will provide one of the film's songs with a slowed-down version of Crazy In Love, it has now been confirmed that none other than Brit songstress Ellie Goulding will also make a vocal appearance in the movie. And yes, it totally rivals Bey in the husky, brooding stakes. Have a listen for yourselves below.

Entitled Love Me Like You Do, the lyrics are just as saucy as the film's storyline. It goes a little like this: 'I'll let you set the pace', 'What are you waiting for?', 'You're the cure, you're the pain' and, of course, the very alluring 'You're the colour of my blood.'

Hot stuff...

The film is set for release on Valentine's Day but if you need a Jamie Dornan/Christian Grey fix NOW, we've handily popped the latest trailer below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!