15 Pretty And Practical Festival Boots You Need To Shop RN

15 Pretty And Practical Festival Boots You Need To Shop RN
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The chic girl's guide to festival footwear...

Festival fashion begins with the footwear, and finding the perfect pair that can combat the mud but also have you looking chic can be tricky.

From Celine ankle boots to the classic Hunters, we’ve picked the best boots that'll keep your feet dry and allow you to dance away without having to worry. Whether it's ridiculously rainy, when wellies are a must, or sunny but constant walking has made it a bit swampy, you can't go un-prepped.

Converse will get you through the first half day but then you'll be dredging fabric shoes around and that will be no fun on day 3.

If you're committing to the festival look, we're all about a tassley suede moccassin circa Kate Moss in 2003, but we'll be wearing a chunky black ankle boot — arguably the least cringe footwear with our pick of festival fashion.

To complete the look, we'll be trialling these 6 tent-friendly festival beauty trends inspired by the SS16 catwalks and these totally do-able festival hairstyles to keep your frizz in check for the whole weekend.


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