7 Badass Feminist Newsletters To Subscribe To Now

7 Badass Feminist Newsletters To Subscribe To Now

There’s always room in your inbox for these female-fronted mailers

Yes, we know, your inbox is probably full. Whether you’re the diligent e-mail opener who can’t stand that unread notification cluttering up your screen or are fully accepting of your 5k unopened messages, you should all make time for these female-fronted newsletters, appearing in your inbox on a weekly basis…

Run by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, Lenny is newsletter gold. Dropping twice a week, has over 400,000 subscribers, and features Jessica Chastain campaigning against guns, Emily Ratajkowski’s feminist awakening as well as fashion, beauty, music, film and feminist lit recommendations. Read it twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays, or check out the Lenny website for the content, published a day later.  

Remember DKNY PR Girl? After unveiling herself as Aliza Licht, Aliza turned her hand to putting together the Blackboard newsletter, where she talks about feeling like an imposter, badly written work e-mails and making professional connections, with contributions from fashion’s finest voices. This is all the career inspo your inbox needs right now…

Girl Lost In The City
Emma Gannon is the London-based blogger who’s pretty much winning at the internet right now. After you’ve clicked on to her hugely successful blog and downloaded her iTunes Top 20 Podcast CTRL ALT DELETE, make sure you sign up to Emma’s newsletter, which is filled with her own scribblings, as well as links from other writers across the web.

The Dolly Mail
Landing in your inbox once a week, journalist Dolly Alderton writes about logging out of Facebook for good, fruit worth travelling across London for and the weirdest thing she’s done on a date. There’s also some life ponderings, musical obsessions and recipes you’ll drool over, as well as contributions from other fierce female writers.   
That’s What She Said
Hate the same things as your friends? Love cats? Anne Donahue’s That’s What She Said newsletter is for you. The US based writer describes her musings as like ‘hanging out at the mall, but I make you listen to my opinions and look at Leonardo DiCaprio GIFs’, and to be honest, we’re not complaining.

The Ann Friedman Weekly
Sent out on Fridays, Ann Friedman’s collection of ‘great things to read’ compiles the best articles on the internet, written by Friedman and other great journos. Started in 2013, Ann talks about everything from Candian ketchup to Rob Delaney’s drunk history, and if you don’t want to shell out for the paid membership, you can sign up for the free edition. 

If a weekly newsletter always leaves you wanting more, Femsplainer will fill your feminist gap Monday to Friday, curating the best articles on the world wide web that day, including job listings and GIFs (we love a GIF). Sign up for women in tech, being a bad bitch on a motorbike and how to survive parties where you don’t know anyone, and SO much more.

Did you know women still get paid less than men?! These are the celebs fighting for equal pay in 2016. 

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