Even Justin Bieber Is Losing His Mind Over This Hipster ‘Fashion Santa’

Even Justin Bieber Is Losing His Mind Over This Hipster ‘Fashion Santa’

Fashion Santa is taking Instagram by storm, but who exactly is this hipster Father Christmas?

Fashion Santa isn’t about that Dadbod life – instead, this Toronto-based Saint Nic is all for a velvet tailored suit or a holly-red leather jacket, and raising thousands of dollars for charity.

If you haven’t already seen the pictures, Fashion Santa is also known as Paul Mason, a 51-year-old male model who’s become Insta-famous thanks to a campaign with Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall. Standing tall at 6 ft. 1, Mason is suited and booted in some of this season’s sleekest designer wear, with accessories including ski boots and a Christmas tree, of course. We’ve never seen Santa look so good.

It’s not all about style, though. Fashion Santa is unsurprisingly a social media sensation, and or every selfie taken with Father Slick-mas (tagged #YorkdaleFashionSanta), Yorkdale Mall will donate $1 to Sick Kids Foundation, up to $10,000. Even the A-list are getting in on the act - just look how happy Justin Bieber is to be snapped with his festive icon! 


We’d tag that. Santa’s beard is looking a lot more groomed lately, and he spilled to Yorkdale on how he keeps it in shape: “beard pimping is a must. Fashion Santa uses beard oil and wash to keep his glorious white beard fresh”. He didn’t grow the beard just to be Father Christmas, either: “One day I just stopped shaving. I liked the look so I kept it going”.

Paul also revealed that he’s been working in modeling for three decades, and “couldn’t be happier with the positive response. I’m most looking forward to trying on all my new outfits”. Turns out Father Christmas is a huge Burberry fan, with Topman chinos a casual favourite.  

Santa’s biggest fashion inspiration? “I’m a big fan of Linda Evangelista’s work. I also recently worked with Carmen Dell’Orefice. She’s 84 years old and still modeling, which is truly inspiring”.



What do we want for Christmas this year? Some style tips from Fashion Santa, for starters. If you’ve spotted anymore fashionable Santas, let us know below!


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