EXCLUSIVE! Lily Cole interview!

EXCLUSIVE! Lily Cole interview!

InStyle's Nathalie Gough met Snow White and the Huntsman actress Lily Cole to get the low-down on working with Kristen Stewart, her favourite designer, and what's in the supermodel's beauty bag!

Tell us a bit about your character in the movie.

I play a girl called Greta who’s a young, peasant, rural girl, who’s caught in this war that’s happening, and is taken prisoner of war and has essentially the life force sucked out of her by Ravena, the Evil Queen.

What was it like working with Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron?

Great, it’s an amazing cast. I think that Kristen was really well cast as Snow White, there’s an edge to her that is really appropriate, particularly because the tone of this film is quite dark. And Charlize, I’d met before, and is a really cool, amazing woman, and is one of my favourite actors. She’s a really brilliant actor, so to get to work against her closely was a really good experience.

Did you have any bonding moments on set?

Not specifically, just hanging out!

What’s next for you?

I am about to start working on a series with Sky Arts, with six different contemporary artists, and then I have my own project I’m working on in the social media space separately, and then I might be doing an independent film in the summertime.

Can you tell us a bit about the arts project?

We’re spending two days with each of the six contemporary artists. I can’t tell you much because we're currently filming… I’m co-writing it, so I’ve been working on the concept so far, but what actually emerges in the two days is yet to be seen.

Is there a particular designer you’re really into at the moment?

Several, in fact, I think there’s so many great designers out there. The classics like Prada and Chanel consistently roll out brilliant things. I found recently Simone Rocha, she’s got some really interesting things. I like Rick Owens, one of my favourites. Also Celine does great stuff.

What are your top style tips?

Be yourself. I don’t personally follow trends, I don’t even like the idea of trends. I think it’s kind of absurd that you have to change every six months, so I always try and buy things that hopefully I’ll like forever, and resonate with me. And I have fun with it, as well. I kind of see clothes a bit like role-playing, depending what mood I’m in. And I think, also vintage. There are so many great, great vintage clothes to find, there’s a whole territory unexplored there.

What’s in your beauty bag?

I’ve just started working with The Body Shop so I’ve got tons of their stuff right now! It’s actually really, really good and I now know the stories behind the making of the products and their corporate responsibility, and the communities they work with around the world. I went to visit one of them in Africa so I feel good to be using their products and supporting them. This morning I used Chocomania bodybutter, which smells amazing, like chocolate! I usually have a lip balm in my bag and mascara as well. I don’t really wear much make-up but I like mascara because I’ve got fair colouring.

Do you have any more modelling in the pipeline?

No, there’s a lot of very brilliant, talented people in the fashion industry so I’m still open to working occasionally if it’s the right person and the right situation but I’ve stepped quite far from that industry.

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