Exclusive: Kim Kardashian Reveals Her 6 Rules For Wearing Bodycon

Exclusive: Kim Kardashian Reveals Her 6 Rules For Wearing Bodycon
Ellen Von Unwerth

Who better to ask for tips on wearing bodycon than the queen of spray-on chic herself? Kim Kardashian gave us the 6 rules she follows when she's going skin-tight. Number one, embrace the Spanx...

With the party-season on the fast approach, we chatted all things bodycon with glamazon Kim Kardashian who, needless to say, provided some major insight in how to nail figure-hugging frocks. 

1) Avoid VPL

'If something's really tight you can always just avoid VPL (visible panty line) by losing the underwear altogether! I also wear a lot of Spanx. I love those really tight little shorts that suck you in. If it's a really good bodycon dress it should do that sucking in for you anyway, so you don't need the extra underwear, though it's always good to feel secure.'

2) Heels are key (unless you're my sister Kendall!)

'I really do envy girls who can wear flats, but I don't know if a bodycon dress normally looks good with them. My sisters Kendall and Kylie wear flats all the time and they look amazing, but then they're also really tall and skinny!'

3) Draping is your friend

'Going short and low cut at the same time means you have to layer something tougher over it, like a motorcycle jacket. I would suggest going either tight OR short - you can't have it all! If I'm wearing my strapless, nude bodycon dress from Wolford, I'll mix it up by layering something looser on top.'

4) Embrace the turtleneck

'I love a turtle-neck bodycon dress - that is so sexy to me. It's tight but covered up, with long sleeves, a high neck and cut right down to the knee.'

5) Use pattern to your advantage

'Pattern on a tight dress has to be slimming; things like thick stripes will just make you look bigger. I prefer a tonal pattern like embroidery, or those Stella McCartney illusion dresses which run pattern down the side of your body to accentuate your curves.'

6) Strike a pose

'I have a bigger chest and a bigger butt so I have to watch my angles when someone's photographing me in something tight. If you're wearing bodycon, you also have to watch what you eat while you're out. It helps with a diet because you don't want to have a big bowl of pasta in a tight dress!'

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By Lucy Pavia / @lucypavia

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