EXCLUSIVE: InStyle meets Miranda Kerr!

EXCLUSIVE: InStyle meets Miranda Kerr!
Victoria's Secret

We caught up with Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr to talk beauty tips, her amazing beach body and British style…

InStyle chatted with the gorgeous Miranda Kerr, who gave us the lowdown on her beach body tips, fashion malfunctions on the runway, as well as her top-secret skincare must-have.



Plus, Miranda shared her tips on balancing family life with husband Orlando Bloom and baby Flynn alongside her busy career.

Read on to find out Miranda’s exclusive beauty tip, plus just what she thinks about British girls’ style…

What's your favourite thing you've ever worn on the Victoria's Secret runway?

The $2.5 Million Fantasy Treasure designed by London Jewelers. I wore it on the 2011 Victoria’s Secret runway and I loved it.

What's the last thing you do before you step out onto the runway?

Take a deep breath and feel the music.

Have you ever had any runway fashion malfunctions and how did you style it out?

My shoe fell off in the 2011 VS Fashion Show and I continued to walk like nothing happened.

How do you balance being a mum with your work?

For me the key is planning to ensure I have a balance with work and family time.

What's your favourite thing to do outside of work?


What do you thinkabout British girls' style?

Super chic, cool and fashion forward.

How do you make sure your body is beach ready?

Consistency is the key. I have a regular Pilates and yoga routine.

What's your favourite Victoria's Secret product?

I love the new Fabulous collection. The new Fabulous Multi way bra and VS Fabulous fragrance are perfect for spring.

Can you share a skin or haircare secret with us?

Coconut oil - I use it is a gentle eye makeup remover and it's nourishing as a hair masque.

The new Fabulous collection from Victoria’s Secret is in store now

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