EXCLUSIVE: InStyle meets BIGKids!

EXCLUSIVE: InStyle meets BIGKids!

He used to be plain old Mr Hudson, while she's the daughter of Britain's favourite twitcher… Harriet Hall catches up with the hottest pop duo around, BIG KIDs to talk debut albums and growing old disgracefully…

Firstly, the name BIGKids – where did that come from?

BH: The endless band name chat. That’s the worst point in any band’s career. You can be in the pub for weeks but we did it really quickly. We wanted something that was evocative of how much fun we’re having. I remembered one of my friends saying that the amazing thing about being musicians is that we still get to be kids – whatever we want to do we’ll just go and do it. It’s like power without responsibility.

You’re the hottest worst kept secret at the moment. How does that feel?

RO: Man it feels great! If people want to get involved they can get involved, and if they don’t, they don’t have to!

How did you two get together?

BH: I saw Rosie playing in her band Bones - grungy little three-piece.

RO: He literally bundled me into the back of his jag and we basically went to the studio that night and started making music.

There’s obviously a spark between you guys. Is there something we should know about?

RO: No!

BH: If there were we would still say no!

What happened to Mr Hudson - is he still around?

BH: He’s still alive.

RO: He’s in the cupboard tied up! Mr Hudson’s like the day job and BIGKids is when he gets home, like taking off his shoes

Is that like your Sasha Fierce?

BH: Haha I love it. I’m not referring to Beyonce but I love it when artists say 'I’ve got this new triple identity, it’s a triple CD, quadruple schizophrenic thing’, and it’s like ‘we don’t care’.

Since he’s still around, is Mr Hudson still friends with Miss Cotton?

RO: Woahhh!

BH: I haven’t seen her for a while, but I hear she’s well.

RO: You need to hook that one up, Ben. Rekindle the flame.

BH: What flame? You had a flame with her?

But when you two were dating, obviously you were in the press a lot. Was it weird to gain celebrity for your relationship?

BH: I mean really I’d like to think that my fame had more to do with my music than my social life. You know, we were friends and that’s kind of all it was. 

Rosie - the daughter of Bill Oddie, legendary Goodie and nature lover – do you get tired of the twitching questions?

RO: Well yeah of course but it is a link! It’s mainly jokes about watching birds in the female sense!

BH: I think you’ll find that as soon as people get to know your story, they won’t be asking about your dad for very long. People move on...I worked with Kanye and then I worked with Jay-Z and actually now, people don’t say ‘how’s Kanye’, they say ‘how’s Jay?’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t know, call him!’  

Speaking of Kanye, do you have one thing that InStyle readers might not know about him?

BH: He’s an excellent basketball player.

Heart Sing is your most popular song at the moment. What makes your heart sing?

RO: Ben makes my heart sing.

BH: Millions of things. I just get up, make a cup of coffee, get in the jag, head to the studio, hit the red button. I have fun. That’s when I feel alive, you know.


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