3 Things You Can Do If You’re Not Happy About #Brexit

3 Things You Can Do If You’re Not Happy About #Brexit

Some might help, some might not, but at least it’s somewhere to vent

So, it turns out some young people and pro-EU voters do care. In fact, emotions — positive and negative — couldn't really be running much higher.

Instead of graffing and hating on commuters, here’s what you can do if you're not all that happy with the referendum result…

1. By All Means Sign The Petition

There’s not much to say it will do anything, or even if it does that it will be a good idea, but it’s a tiny bit comforting to know there’s 4 million people who feel the same way. (Though don’t start thinking about the fact that there was only a Remain – Leave discrepancy of 1 and a bit million votes as that will make you feel nauseous.)

2. Go To Stuff That’s Planned With People Who Feel The Same

There's loads happening. Keep an eye on Facebook for things like March To Parliament Against Brexit (which was amazing) and Stand Together: London Park Picnic Against Brexit.

3. Write To Your MP

Though a petition isn't necessarily the answer, MPs can actually vote against Brexit as there's nothing that says ithe result of a referendum has to happen. For Britain to exit the EU, Parliament must go back on the 1972 European Communities Act (which is what happened when Britain was taken into the EU), as well as the government choosing to trigger Article 50, and Members Of Parliament can oppose it.

An official campaign — Breentry — has been launched for the former, by Tom Spencer. Having worked in Parliament, he knew how to get the MP's attention, and wrote out a template email.

(Of course, if you're happy with the way everything's panning out then no need to do anything...)

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