Err, Why Is Taylor Swift Carrying A Cat Around NYC?

Err, Why Is Taylor Swift Carrying A Cat Around NYC?

We clocked Taylor Swift strolling around New York City with a somewhat unusual accessory...

Taylor Swift is, without a doubt, the street style queen of New York City. Every day she treats us to another chic ensemble as she makes her way Downtown to meetings and events, providing us with major wardrobe inspro as she goes. Her latest appearance, however, caught our attention for another reason - her, ahem, unusual choice of accessory. 

We clocked Taylor Swift on the streets of Manhattan wearing a flippy skirt, a cream jumper and knee high socks, which she paired with buckle heels and a green ladylike tote. Balancing on her arm, and completing her get-up, was a cat, who we have to say looked a tad dazed as Taylor exited the building. 

Yep, we know what you're thinking; why on earth is Taylor Swift carrying a cat around NYC? 

Well, the cat in question is none other than Olivia Benson (yes, it even has a last name), and she makes up half of Taylor's feline brood. She welcomed Olivia into her family earlier this year, and it looks like she's still just then right size for the 24-year-old songstress to tote around with her, unlike Meredith, her fully-grown cat which she chose to leave at home.

Tay has previously spoken out about her love of cats but this just outing took her cat-lady status up a BIG notch.

Don't get us wrong - that the cat is seriously cute but, we have to admit, a kitty carrier wouldn't have gone a miss.

Oh Taylor, you never fail to give us something to Prrr over. Normally, however, it's your amazing collection of co-ords...

By Maxine Eggenberger

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