Err, What's That In Your Mouth Cara Delevingne?

Err, What's That In Your Mouth Cara Delevingne?
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Cara Delevingne rocked up to the GQ Men Of The Year Awards with a couture toothpick handing from her lip, obvs. Could this REALLY be a new accessory trend?

Cara Delevingne has undoubtedly been a quirky style trailblazer since she first made it big on the scene back in 2012 but, we have to admit, her latest bold sartorial move has upped her kooky fashion game and then some.

As she rocked up to the red carpet of last night's GQ Men Of The Year Awards, her braless, totally sheer dress look wasn't the only thing that caught our attention. The big outfit shocker was that she sported, what we can only describe as, a couture-worthy toothpick. Yes, you read that right; a toothpick...

Made up of a gold pick with a black sphere on one end, we can only guess that this, ahem, accessory is the real Carat and gemstone deal. Can't quite get your head around it? Don't worry, us either. 

Rex Features

For the glittering London awards ceremony, Cara opted the black lace Burberry Prorsum, which she layered over nothing more than a pair of hot pants. She also sported the brand’s new Bloomsbury Girls make-up collection, so you'd be forgiven for assuming the pick was also down to Burb's.

We wouldn't usually associate a tool used to scrape your teeth with this luxury heritage brand; and rightly so. They've come forward to say that the toothpick is not of their repertoire and that they have no idea where it came from. The mystery continues...

When it wasn't perfectly positioned on her pout, Cara would hold the pick in her hand. We're sure GQ could only advise guests who wished to hug the 22-year-old model that they should do so at their own risk.

Oh Cara, what are you like?

By Maxine Eggenberger

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