Eric Bana – J’adore!

Eric Bana – J’adore!

Today we get to see Eric Bana naked. Yes, his new flick The Time Traveler’s Wife is out… so we thought we’d pay homage to Australia’s finest.

Eric Bana, Hugh Jackman, Guy Pearce - there's no mistaking they're all strapping, sexy and seriously talented specimens of Aussie manhood (strewth, what's in the water down there?)  But it's Mr Bana who's getting us really rather excited at the moment.

Luckily we can get our fix of The Bana in his new film The Time Traveler's Wife, in cinemas from today. Rumour has it he's naked in it quite a lot. (Yeah, we know that makes us sound as deep as a puddle but when working in an all female office one has to take one's pleasure where one can.)

So in homage to His Buffness, here's a few little morsels to arouse your interest:

**Aside from being a strapping 6ft 3, the 41-year-old has got another quality we adore in a man - he's funny. He used to be a stand-up comedian in his hometown, Melbourne. Before his movie career kicked off he even had his own comedy sketch show on Aussie TV.

**He first came to worldwide attention as violent crim Chopper Read in Chopper, followed by big films like The Hulk, Troy, The Other Boleyn Girl and Star Trek.

**He couldn't give a Fourex about glitz and glam. He has said: "As long as I can play with my toys [cars and motorbikes], and hang out with my family and friends, I am happy."

**He started dating his now-wife Rebecca in 1995 and they married in 1997. He proposed to her on a trip to the USA which he won, somewhat ironically, after being named "Bachelor of the Year" in 1996 in Aussie women's monthly magazine Cleo. He and Rebecca now have a son, Klaus (11) and a daughter Sophia (8).

**Even Drew Barrymore (his co-star in Lucky You) fell under his spell and said of him "Eric is incredibly nice. So humble and playful". And Munich director Stephen Spielberg says Eric's "a very gentle soul with a tremendous sense of humor. He's a gentle giant."

**Orlando Bloom and Eric have a rather sweet bro-mance going on (they worked together on Black Hawk Down and Troy) - Eric namechecked Orlando recently as being one of his best friends.

See you in the queue for the cinema tonight.

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