Emma Watson

Emma Watson


Emma Watson has come top of the highest paid Hollywood actresses list of 2009.

The Harry Potte
r star, 19, is said to have banked more in 2009 than Hollywood heavyweights like Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz and Sarah Jessica Parker, with her income being put at £20 million and 14th position in a top 40 table.


Her Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe pulled in even more cash, coming in 6th in the list and pocketing £25.6 million for his role in the last two movies of the Harry Potter series, The Deathly Hallows I and II.

The top five spots were taken up by movie directors,  with Transformers director Michael Bay topping the table, raking in £78 million.

Steven Spielberg was snapping at his heels in second place with a 2009 fortune of £53.1 million, while Avatar director James Cameron came in fourth with £31.25 million.

But well done to our Brit star Emma for topping the female rich list.

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By Ruth Doherty