Emma Watson Gets Ready To Make A Move Into Musicals

Emma Watson Gets Ready To Make A Move Into Musicals

The Harry Potter star has been cast in a new musical comedy opposite Whiplash star, Miles Teller

Emma Watson isn't an actress scared of trying out new roles. After the Harry Potter franchise came to an end, the young star knew she'd have to reinvent herself in order to be seen as someone other than precocious school girl Hermione Grainger.

And Emma's latest role – starring in comedy musical – is definitely going to be a change from the norm. Described as being a classic MGM style musical – think Singin In The Rain meets Gentlemen Prefer Blondes –nNot only are we going to get to hear her sing, but there's bound to be some well choreographed dance routines in there as well.

The film, which will be called La La Land, will see Emma play the role of Mia, an aspiring actress trying to make it in the competitive world of Los Angeles, while Whiplash star Miles Teller will play Emma's jazz musician boyfriend.

'I’ve been trying to get off the ground since I lived in LA, in the past five or six years,' said the film's director Damien Chazelle.

'I wrote the script about four years ago, and I worked with the same guy who did the music on Whiplash. We wrote it four years ago and we were just trying to convince someone to do an original, MGM-style musical, because I don’t think there are enough.'

With Singin In The Rain being one of our all time favourite films, we'd have to agree. And we can't wait to hear Emma show off her singing and tap dancing skills too...

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