Emma Watson Beatboxes For Gender Equality. Yeah, That's Real

Emma Watson Beatboxes For Gender Equality. Yeah, That's Real

Emma Watson will go to some pretty extreme lengths to spread the #HeForShe message...but beatboxing? Who'd have thought Hermione Granger could drop some fat beats...

Emma Watson has become the bona fide poster-girl for gender equality, and there’s no doubt that the Harry Potter star's #HeForShe campaign has become something of a global phenomenon in recent months.

But while Emma is normally the girl we associate with impeccable manners and lady-like composure, this newly released video has left us thinking that she might be harbouring some rather random hidden talents…

Yes people, it has come to light that Emma Watson can actually beatbox. That’s right. Beatboxing.

Beatboxing (not Potions) is Hermione Granger’s secret skill. Who’d have thought!

The filmed footage comes courtesy of an hour-long interview Emma conducted with Lin-Manuel Miranda — creator and star of Broadway hit musical Hamilton — to raise awareness about gender equality as part of the UN Women’s HeForShe Arts Week programme.


What starts out as a diplomatic discussion about feminism, storytelling, and history as part of the UN’s promotion for International Women’s Day, soon becomes an impromptu freestyle performance as Gryffindor alumni Emma provides some maverick beatboxing to accompany Lin-Manuel’s expert rap about gender issues.

While Lin-Manuel nails his lyrics flawlessly, Emma can’t help but turn bight red with embarrassment as she tries to keep up with his rhymes. He raps:

'Women are like half of the people on Earth/ And yes they should have been equal since birth.'

Despite Miss Watson being more than a little uncomfortable laying those (sometimes shaky) fat beats, Lin-Manuel throws some love her way:

‘Holy cow this is such a meme / Thank you this is the beatbox dream team.’

How sweet!

The video which Lin-Manuel shared via Facebook, is proof that Emma will go to any lengths to spread the #HeForShe message.

What’s next Emma? We’re crossing our fingers for opera….



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