Emma Watson appears in Karl Lagerfeld photoshoot

Emma Watson appears in Karl Lagerfeld photoshoot

The Harry Potter starlet features in a number of high-fashion photos taken by the designer.

It's a sartorial match made in heaven. Chanel devotee Emma Watson and the creative force behind the chic French brand joined forces, and the result is a striking photoshoot for French fashion magazine Crash.

The designer, who dabbles in photography on the side, apparently approached the 19-year-old actress after meeting her at a party - and of course, she instantly agreed.

"This was a dream come true," Emma told Crash. "We spent the whole day together and he can talk about anything - literature, art, science, modern culture. I was totally seduced."

The series of snaps see the aspiring stylista sporting ghostly make-up and in a variety of high-fashion ensembles (all naturally in Karl's signature monochrome colour palette) including a nun's habit and a French maid's outfit. But we particularly love this très chic shot of Ms Watson in an Alexander McQueen bustier and cropped Vivienne Westwood jacket.

It's a far far cry from the frizzy-haired Hermione Granger, that's for sure...

By Sarah Karmali


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