Emma Stone Takes Styling Tips From Her Latest Role In Stunning Flapper Get-Up

Emma Stone Takes Styling Tips From Her Latest Role In Stunning Flapper Get-Up

Just when we thought our girl-crush on Emma Stone couldn't get any more out of hand, she's gone and given us this gorgeous look to pine over...

Emma Stone may be one of Hollywood's foremost funny girls but there's certainly nothing laughable about her fashion sense. Officially one of our ultimate style crushes, Emma hits the red carpet dressing nail on the head every single time. True to form, her latest glam get-up is just as lust-worthy. 

We clocked the 26-year-old actress at the premiere of her highly-anticipated, Woody Allen directed, new film Magic In The Moonlight in Paris, and it's clear the the '20s setting of the film has rubbed off on her  style. 

With her short locks tonged into a sleek-wave bob and her eyes dusted with a gorgeous emerald green shadow, Emma looked every inch a screen-siren of the Golden Age. 

Keeping up with her retro beauty look, Emma chose to don a gorgeous flapper style dress from one of her favourite French designers, Chloe which she then paired with a corsage adorned pair of shoes from her high heel go-to, Christian Louboutin. Gorgeous doesn't cut it...

Complete with a drop-waist skirt of cascading beads and a sleek high boat-neck neckline, the dress looked as if it could have come from one of Paris' couture fashion archives, and was more than perfectly in-keeping with the film's storyline. 

Set in the roaring '20s, in the film Emma stars as a clairvoyant to a wealthy family, and it's the job of co-star Colin Firth to oust her as a fraud. And, if you like Emma's premiere look, you're guaranteed to fall head over heels for the stunning costumes she wears throughout the movie. So much so, we reckon it's probably the best-dressed character we've seen from any flick this year. 

Paris was the first stop on the film's promo-tour so we can only hope that this means we'll get to see a lot more of Emma Stone and her covetable style in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, excuse us while we play the Magic In The Moonlight trailer on loop. Check it out for yourselves below... 

By Maxine Eggenberger


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