Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Have Some Very Sad News To Share With You...

Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Have Some Very Sad News To Share With You...

Say it ain't so guys. SAY IT AIN'T SO

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have long stood as one our our favourite A-list couples.

From the moment they announced their courtship after meeting on the set of 2012's The Amazing Spiderman, we've swooned over their rare but super-sweet red carpet appearances, LOLed at their make-shift charity campaigns scrolled onto napkins after being papped having lunch and generally just imagined ourselves knocking back a bottle or five of red wine on a casual double date. 

However, it now looks like our hopes of that happening have been completely and utterly dashed... 

That's right, it's been reported that Emma and Andrew have called time on their three year relationship and are siting their hefty work schedules as the cause of the break up. 


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While Emma and Andrew's reps are yet to comment, it was US website People that first broke the news with a friend of the couple's revealing that it's Andrew's latest film role that's really taken its toll on the relationship. 

'Emma understands his work anxieties – it's why she originally pulled out of Cabaret [the Broadway stage show she appeared in until February 2015] last year and only did it this year, but they're taking a break from seeing each other. They're both a slave to their schedules.'

Alarm bells started to go off in our heads when Emma flew solo at all of this year's glittering awards ceremonies — the Oscars and the Golden Globes included — even though her work in her most recent flick Birdman helped earn it countless nominations and subsequent wins. While the couple have always been private about their romance, they were more often than not found by each others sides lending their support at their respective premieres and events.

If you should happen to live in Downton NYC, you'd probably be no stranger to seeing the pair running errands and strolling hand in hand around the neighbourhood. So, The fact the two haven't been seen in public since January speaks WAY louder than words ever could. 

Until a statement is made, we can't be 100% sure as to what's going on but one thing's for certain; it doesn't look too peachy. 

Guys, please tell us this is a belated April Fool's. Please... 

Check out Emma Stone looking a major beauty in her new ad for Revlon below. Oh Andrew, just LOOK at what you're missing...

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