Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield at Venice Film Festival

Andrew is clearly a gentleman at heart as he helps Emma get into a water taxi...

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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were off-the-scale cute this weekend at the Venice Film Festival, cementing their status as one of our all-time favourite celebrity couples. 

While Emma flew into the Italian city early last week to promote her new film Birdman, she took a break from her own duties to support her long-time boyfriend Andrew at the premiere of his new flick, 99 Homes, and we're so glad she did. 

Throughout the course of the evening, the 25-year-old starlet and her 31-year-old beardy-beau danced, laughed, hugged and adoringly gazed into one another's eyes, putting the entire InStyle team into a swooning-frenzy as they went. 

Their most Kodak-worthy moment by far has to be when Emma bravely tried to climb aboard her water taxi while still wearing her high - not to mention seriously stunning - Louboutin heels, before admitting defeat.

As she took off her killer heels (don't worry Em, we've all been there...), Andrew made sure she was stable on her feet by lovingly extending his hand to hers and helping her gracefully enter the taxi.  

The stylish pair also treated us to a major hug-a-thon, as they celebrated the premiere's success. It's clear to see that Emma was brimming with pride for her man, and it looks like Andrew was pretty pleased about it, too. Well, wouldn't you be if you had her arms wrapped around you? #GirlCrush

If that wasn't enough, the pair were clocked exiting the event hand-in-hand, with Emma allowing Andrew to lead the way. We don't know about you, but we think this shot looks like it could have come from Hollywood's heyday back in the '50s; what with Emma's slick tousled bob and crimson lip combo and Andrew's incredibly smart, lapelled suit. Dreamy. 

They might be one of Tinseltown's most sought after duos right now but, break it down, and really they're just a majorly loved-up, young couple. You guys... 

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By Maxine Eggenberger