Emily Ratajkowski: Feminist Icon? Here’s Why She’s More Than THAT Video

Emily Ratajkowski: Feminist Icon? Here’s Why She’s More Than THAT Video

Emily Ratajkowski might have started out in THAT music video, but her feminist values have come a long way since then…

Emily Ratajkowski: that naked girl from the Blurred Lines video, or a thoroughly modern feminist icon? The American model slash actress has been using her celeb status to speak out on modern feminism, and she’s got some pretty great things to say.

Before you start screaming at us, we get why that video appearance might make you question Emily’s status as an outspoken feminist – but as she told us herself at her September InStyle cover shoot, ‘are we seriously talking about a video from three years ago? It’s the bane of my existence’. We also wonder why the other two models in the video haven’t had half as much media attention as Emily…

These days, you’re more likely to find Emily penning a thought-provoking essay on being sexualised as a young girl for Lena Dunham’s Lenny newsletter, tweeting her support for women’s rights or supporting Kim Kardashian after that naked selfie (in fact, they even took one together). And about that bikini bod? Speaking to InStyle US, Emily revealed 'I always say, “Do you have a body? Then you’re swimsuit ready.” That’s all you need to worry about’.

Speaking to her massive social media following (5.7m on Instagram, 710k on Twitter), Emily has intelligently and eloquently spoken out about topics such as…

Why demonising female sexuality isn’t helping anyone


In defence of nude selfies, and owning your own body



Female empowerment, and the power of supporting each other




Her own experiences of the lack of feminism in film



Not only that, Emily is standing up for racial equality and plus-size figures in fashion, making sure all types of women are a part of her feminist conversation. So has she changed your mind yet? You might not agree with everything Emily has to say, but you can’t deny her right to say it.

Look back at what this new-gen feminist had to say about our Emily Ratajkowski interview, and get to know 28 of our favourite celebrity feminists here (including a few men).

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