The Secret To Curing A Hangover? YouTube's Finest Have The Answer

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Take 13 digital game-changers, mix them with InStyle magazine and what do you get? We wrapped Project 13 last night, and this was one party you definitely didn't want to miss...

The secret to curing a hangover? "Sleep through and pretend it didn't happen..." Tamara Kalinic spilled at InStyle's Q&A alongside fellow YouTubers Niomi Smart, Fleur De Force, Becky Sheeran of TalkBeckyTalk and Ugly Face Of Beauty's Gracie Francesca.

That wasn't the only shcoker, either: we still can't get over the outrage caused when Becky picked Lionel Richie's Hello over Adele, and did you know Gracie-Francesca frequently vlogs braless?

Set up at YouTube HQ, the online content creators answered some burning questions with InStyle's Editor Charlotte Moore as part of our very first Project 13 awards.

ICYMI, Project 13 is all about celebrating this new generation of digital game-changers: "What I've always loved about being a journalist is finding out about the new" Charlotte explains, "and that's why I'm so excited about Project 13. Unlike other awards ceremonies out there, Project 13 focuses on YouTubers, the fun, relatable stars who are attracting gazillions of fans with their updates about their lives, style and beauty regimes".

And if you need reminding of just how popular they are, our Project 13 winners have more than 23million Instagram and Twitter followers between them - that's the population of Australia, by the way. Niomi Smart kicked December off with this vlog of the day;


To celebrate Project 13, including the very special 13th edition of InStyle magazine the vloggers took their first look at backstage, we threw the wrap party to end all wrap parties at Chotto Matte, Soho.

Fleur and the rest of our fabulous panellists were joined by Nic and Sam of Pixiwoo and Patricia Bright, who stepped out in Missguided after announcing her first pregnancy in November. Is she getting excited about maternity skincare products yet? "No, but at the moment I've been loving Murad as a range. I've been using their cleanser and their SPF lately".

Also mingling with Team InStyle and VIP guests were Millie Mackintosh, who used to film videos with our Best Beauty YouTuber winner Tanya Burr, as well as pop stars Stooshe and Femme.

All eyes were on Edition 13, the supersized 13th issue of InStyle, featuring those stunning Rankin portraits, as well as Niomi Smart’s #YouLookGreat campaign, Robin James’ Christmas cocktail recipes and TalkBeckyTalk on her top secret (and totally free) beauty secret: “when I read magazines I always look at the picture of the author and wonder if they’ve actually written it, but everything you read in Edition 13 is exactly what we wrote and what we’re passionate about” Becky told us, living up to her YouTube name. "Can you tell why I'm called Talk Becky Talk? I just talk so much, but I've really enjoyed being part of something I admire".    

Outfits and make-up were touched up before hitting the photobooth; Niomi pulled out a cold pressed beetroot juice to get to her Tom Ford Twist of Fate lipstick, Tamara adjusted her Chanel brooch and Gracie topped up her glow with Clinique's Moisture Surge. Fleur's look? A brand new haircut from GRO London. 

Tamara says that she felt super comfortable in front of the camera, even though it was the biggest team she’s ever worked with. Her favourite part though? Brainstorming ideas for Edition 13 at YouTube HQ, where she felt inspired to get creative with her own projects. See the day through her lens here;


Becky’s readers are obsessed with the portraits in our December issue (“just because people are watching videos online, doesn’t mean they don’t want to see it in print”), and Fleur spilled that she loved being involved in the way everything looked. Gracie revealed that she's even working in TV, but what can she tell us about that? “I can say…nothing”. Stay tuned! 



We partied at: totally Instagrammable venue, Chotto Matte

We ate: lobster, salmon and crab canapes

We drank: glasses of Freixenet

We arrived in: BMW 7 Series cars  (which came complete with massaging seats, FYI)

We posed in: the Photoboothy booth.

We went home with: this haul-worthy goody bag...

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