Why Late Honeymoons Are The Way Forward

Why Late Honeymoons Are The Way Forward

Do better things come to those who wait? Why taking a late honeymoon - like Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe - is a growing trend.

Eddie Redmayne and his wife Hannah Bagshawe might have got married seven months ago, but they've only just jetted off on honeymoon to St Tropez where they were spotted at the weekend pottering along a sandy beach together looking very loved up.

Redmayne's decision to delay his honeymoon was probably down to timings; his winter wedding to Hannah took place just before that whirlwind award season which saw him scoop an Oscar for The Theory Of Everything - what a wedding present. 

Eddie and Hannah join a growing number of couples who choose not to take their honeymoon straight after tying the knot. If you're undecided on whether to jet straight off the day after your wedding or do a delayed honeymoon like Redmayne, here's a few arguments in favour of the latter. 

There's tonnes of other stuff to think about pre-wedding

On top of all the other things you're fussing about before you tie the knot - flower girl shoes, presents for your family, last minute guest list changes - running through your hoilday packing checklist on top of that can be a bit of a nightmare. Delay the honeymoon and you can plan out that killer Brigitte Bardot in A Very Private Affair holiday wardrobe at your leisure. 

You'll dodge the post-wedding sniffles 

A few friends of mine who jetted straight off on honeymoon after their wedding said all the sleepless nights spent winding 150 bits of raffia around napkins, cursing silently, left them with nasty colds and swollen throats for half the time they were away. The adrenaline might power your immune system through your wedding but will wear off the moment you relax. 

You avoid the back-to-work blues

There's nothing more miserable than landing in a rainy UK post wedding and honeymoon, feeling distinctly broke and with a major case of back-to-work blues. Taking a low-key staycation straight after the wedding, then a late honeymoon a few months later will spead out the fun and give you something to look forward to. 

You can get the destination just right

If want to do a long haul honeymoon somewhere with swimming pool-clear sea and white sandy beaches, then the summer months (when most people like to get married to make the most of the weather) will leave you with limited options (places like the Maldives, for example, are generally too hot to visit in the summer). Equally, if you want a romantic winter wedding like Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe but would prefer to do a chic hot honeymoon in Europe, you can have your cake and eat it by putting the honeymoon off until July. 

You can plan a Mega-Moon

A lot of couples these days like to go big on the honeymoon, taking a long sabbatical off work to road trip it around the US in a Cadillac or go Robinson Crusoe and maroon themselves on a South Pacific island. Most couples choose to delay a trip like that so they can plan it all properly, rather than give themselves a hernia doing all the admin on top of planning a wedding. 

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