We Heart Eddie! 15 Reasons We're Total Redmayniacs Right Now

We Heart Eddie! 15 Reasons We're Total Redmayniacs Right Now

We’ve been absolute Redmayniacs for a while now, but our totally uncool fangirldom just keeps growing...

He's up for a whole host of awards this season (including an Oscar nomination - will he bag his second in a row?!), he is all-round brilliant and it's his birthday this month - so what better time to say: we <3 Eddie Redmayne.

Here are 13 reasons why...

1) He wanted to be a Weasley. (Didn’t we all, Eddie, didn’t we all. Though as a legit red-haired actor, we can see it would be a touch more frustrating.) Speaking to Lorraine, Eddie said: ‘For years I was always like, in the Harry Potter films, there was a whole ginger family, and I never got an audition. And I was like, come on, it's outrageous! […] So I was desperate. Every actor in England was in the Harry Potter films, but I never got the call. Now I'm having my moment'.

2) Have you EVER seen a girl look prettier, let alone a guy? When Eddie spoke about relating to transgender woman Lile Elbe, who he plays in The Danish Girl, our hearts melted.

3) He’s married to a total babe of a normal gal (normal meaning not famous), London-born publicist Hannah Bagshawe. And they seem adorably happy together.

4) And they’re having a baby! (That’s really got nothing to do with how much we rate Eddie, but cute huh?)

5) Eddie looked at his The Danish Girl co-star Alicia Vikander with SUCH love when she landed Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars 2016, and when he presented Brie Larson with the Best Actress trophy?! It was a total freak-out.

6) He’s colour blind. It’s totally inexplicable but colour blindness is kind of endearing. The idea of Hannah having to help the ever-stylish Eddie getting dressed is very sweet.

7) He’s way stylish (on the topic), and is constantly featured in best-dressed lists.

8) He is a freaking incredible actor. After The Theory Of Everything, we thought we’d see Stephen Hawking in his every move – which we did until we saw The Danish Girl

9) He's so… nice! For want of a better word, Eddie just seems like a legit, down-to-earth guy, regularly talking about his mum and 'plethora of brothers'. Family man = swoon. Not only that but now Eddie's gone one step further and actually backed Leo to win the Best Actor Oscar that he's up for himself. He said: '(Leonardo is) definitely going to win and should. I feel excited just to be invited to the party, frankly.' SUCH a babe.

10) He’s so modest, and seems genuinely awkward when talking about his many achievements and accolades (which include an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, a Screen Actor’s Guild Award and a Critics’ Circle Theatre Award).

11) He’s English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh – quite the mix, and just so pleasing for a red-haired person.

12) He’s actually quite posh, having gone to Eton (in the same year as Prince William).

13) And clever! He got a 2:1 from Cambridge and uses words like ‘plethora’ in casual conversation.

14) NBD – he’s got a whole host of famous friends, including J-Law who he was ‘talking to and catching up with' on the Graham Norton Show! Nice.

15) He’s actually pretty darned funny. See his full lols-potential below.

Dream. Boat.

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