Ed We Heart You

HOW cute?

Just stop a minute to ask yourself this question – just what exactly did we all DO before there was Ed Sheeran?

It’s not just his ballads, (although if you haven’t been in an Uber at 4am and shed a little tear when Thinking Out Loud has come on Magic FM then please go quietly, we have nothing for you here). It’s not just the adorable shuffling way he has his acoustic guitar slung permanently over his shoulder like he’s a student busking his way through his gap year when he’s actually worth over $60 million. And it’s not even his ridiculously cute friendship with Taylor Swift which he insisted was purely platonic with the genius observation , ‘Too tall – we'd look like cast members of the Hobbit’.  It’s that he’s gradually morphed into some sort of Father Christmas meets Dalai Lama meets Cilla Black on Surprise Surprise in the 90's  figure all rolled into one. The man is just incapable of going anywhere without doing a good deed. He’s basically become It’s  A Wonderful Life in human form. We’ve all heard about that moment when he shocked a girl in a mall by leaping on stage to duet with her. And the time when he accepted a marriage proposal from a terminally ill superfan. And now, it seems Ed’s been on his random acts of kindness tour again, travelling five hours yesterday to gatecrash Little Mix’s soundcheck and serenade Jake Roche from Rixton as he proposed to Little Mix’s Jesy (what is WITH that 'Jesy' spelling? We can never quite deal with it either). And all Ed wanted in return was a KFC.

So Ed (Sir Ed? Only a matter of time surely?)  please allow us to congratulate you on this latest good deed and we promise to spend the rest of the day asking ourselves WWED  - what would Ed Sheeran do? And in the meantime here are three things we really love about you..

The Ed Files

1. You are constantly posing with kittens

2. Your face at the Victoria’s Secret show. And subsequent admission that you had been eating sausage rolls backstage

3. You stole Pharell’s slightly stupid hat 

4. Oh yeah. You’re like totally single