Uh, Prof Angelina Jolie? Team InStyle Discuss Their Dream Teachers' Lounge...

Uh, Prof Angelina Jolie? Team InStyle Discuss Their Dream Teachers' Lounge...

Well, well, well. Angelina Jolie has been made a professor. In an ideal world, what would our dream school faculty staff look like? Team InStyle discuss...

When it was revealed recently that Angelina Jolie would be made an honorary professor at the London School of Economics (congrats Angie), we couldn't help but think what other A-listers would make cracking teachers.

Obviously, when team InStyle discussed this notion over an obligatory morning cup of Rosy Lee, the temptation was to move into bona fide Hogwarts territory (which in fairness is pretty class as is and shouldn't be messed with, however desperately we want Maggie Smith as our dream deputy head...), and what started out as a jovial brainstorm soon turned into a full-on creative debate.

Would Johnny Depp make a good drama teacher? Would Kanye give you an 'A' in Music? (Probs not)

If WE had a dream school, this is what our faculty would look like...



Obvs, we were going to go with a headmistress rather than a headmaster *fist pump* and for team InStyle there was only one candidate.

May we present, the one. The only. Emma Thompson. Straight talkin' yet absolutely hilarious, Em' continues to inspire team InStyle every day. Long may she continue.

Deputy Head

Benedict Cumberbatch would make a rather fun and boffin-like deputy head right? Imagine how much fun class assembly would be if Sherlock was taking it?


We feel that actress Helena Bonham Carter would definitely encourage her students to #BeLessKardashian and express themselves creatively using paint and modern craft. Plus, you know that HBC would be whopper at Papier-mâché, and say f*** a lot in class. Awesome.


This one was a hard'un as (obviously) most of us at InStyle towers are writers, and have collectively sat through a LOT of English lessons/lectures/seminars in our time. Push came to shove however, and David Tennant took the honorary title. You know he'd rock some serious tweed teacher chic too...


David Attenborough.

*everyone nods in agreement*


Uh, Professor Brian Cox? He actually makes us understand space. Plus, he used to be in D:Ream. Lols.


Hey, if it's got dry ice, Heston is INVOLVED. Also, if we could eat our chemistry experiements that would be a major bonus.


We felt that Dame Judi Dench would make a fab Drama teacher. No one nails a long cardi/necklace combo better than Judi, and that's pure AmDram gold.


Some of us pushed for Kanye (purely for the bants), but it seems that most of team InStyle are plugging for wiil.i.am

What would you address him as though? Mr i.am? Baffling.


Carol Voderman was busting numbers on Countdown while we were still in playschool. She's the bona fide maths bomb. It's also worth noting that Vorders is one foxy lady - no doubt the boys will be begging for detention, the rascals.


Um... Channing Tatum?

Oh come on. Guaranteed zero forged 'get out of class because I'm on my period' notes if Channing was teaching you netball on a Tuesday arvo.

Home Economics

We're pretty sure it isn't called this anymore, but given that we've all become baking boffins over the last few years it seems only fitting that Mary Berry should teach our dream cooking class.


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