'Sympathy Butters No Parsnips!': 17 Brilliant Downton Abbey Lines To Live By

'Sympathy Butters No Parsnips!': 17 Brilliant Downton Abbey Lines To Live By

The final ever episode might have been and gone, but we’re not ready to say goodbye just yet. We're looking back at our favourite moments from the series with the 17 best Downton Abbey quotes from the entire series...

The costumes, the scenery, the scandal! And who can forget George Clooney?! The final episode of Downton Abbey has been and gone, and we’re struggling to hold back the tears. What will we do without Lady Crawley’s badass attitude?!

If the thought of saying goodbye is just too much, The Wit and Wisdom of Downton Abbey has rounded up the best Downton Abbey quotes from all five series, on life, love, work and play. Come on then Violet, give us what you’ve got…

1. Violet: I haven’t been into the kitchens here for at least, oh, twenty years at least.
Isobel: Have you brought your passport?

2. Violet: What is a ‘weekend’?


3. Daisy: But if it’s electric, aren’t you worried it’s going to run away with itself and sew your fingers to the table?

4. Cora: Mrs Patmore, is there any aspect of the present day that you can accept without resistance?
Mrs Patmore : Well m’lady, I wouldn’t mind getting rid of my corset.

5. Matthew: I’m dancing a jig. I feel as if I’ve swallowed a box of fireworks.


6. Violet: Don’t be defeatist, dear. It’s very middle class.

7. Mrs Patmore: Sympathy butters no parsnips.


8. Mrs Hughes: You can always hold my hand if you need to feel steady.
Carson : I don’t know how, but you manage to make that sound a little risqué.

9. Mrs Patmore: No man’s wanted to squire me since the Golden Jubilee. Even then he expected me to buy the drinks.

10. Mary: How many times am I to be ordered to marry the man sitting next to me at dinner?


11. Carson: I let myself get flustered. I regard that as highly unprofessional. It won’t happen again.

12. Daisy: What difference does it make if you peel potatoes in London or peel them in Yorkshire?

13. Isobel: Servants are human beings, too.
Violet: Yes. But preferably only on their days off.


14. Mrs Patmore: Go and grate that suet before I grow old and die

15. Violet: I was right about my maid. She’s leaving – to get married. How can she be so selfish?


16. Mary: Granny? What do you think?
Violet: Oh, it is you. I thought it was a man wearing your clothes.

17. Carson: I always think there’s something rather foreign about high spirits at breakfast

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