Downton Abbey is all set for the third series!

Downton Abbey is all set for the third series!

Calling all Downton Abbey fans! Are you ready for series three?

We're counting down the days until Downton Abbey returns to our screens for its third season in September.


Set in the aftermath of World War One, this season sees the Crawley clan set to lose their entire fortune. And true to form, it looks like Downton’s own Ross and Rachel are set to be returning to their old will-they-won’t-they ways.

In the teaser clip, shown at a screening in Beverly Hills over the weekend, the lovely Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary tells the Downton heir Matthew Crawley: “How can you be so disappointing? Don’t you see what this means? It means that deep down you are not on our side.” What could she mean?

In another clip screened this past weekend, we see Hugh Bonneville’s character, the sixth Earl of Grantham Robert Crawley, confiding to his wife Cora, played by actress Elizabeth McGovern, that the family wealth has vanished.

Genius behind the period drama Julian Fellowes has revealed this plot line will reveal big differences between the characters: “Cora is less afraid of the future than Robert is, she’s much less afraid of change and now you will start to see more and more of that.”

Meanwhile, acting legend Shirley MacLaine is set to star opposite Maggie Smith this season as Cora’s mother and no doubt sparks will fly! The American actress, who never watched an episode of Downton before taking on her role, revealed she got the true British experience on-set: “We were shooting outside in the rain and in the wind with our formal gear on and nobody seemed to notice,” she said. “So I just stepped right in there and acted like I didn’t either. I had a fabulous time.”

The ongoing love-affair between head valet John Bates and housemaid Anna Smith, played by Brendan Coyle and Joanne Froggatt, continues with Anna struggling to clear his name after last season saw his imprisonment over the alleged murder of his wife.

Brendan said of his character’s innocence, “I still think there is a possibility Bates is the killer. What I love about this is that it is left for the audience to decide.” Watch this space!

From the ever-loved fashion to the shocking twists, looks like Downton Abbey is set to serve up another thrilling season!


By Chelsea Asher

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