The New York Teens Taking Over Instagram - In The Best Way Possible

The New York Teens Taking Over Instagram - In The Best Way Possible

These body-positive teens are the latest campaigners to shake up the internet. Here’s why Mina and Dounia should be your new Instagram inspirations

Social media has come a long way in the past couple of years. What started out as sunsets and skinny cappuccinos has quickly turned into a place to tackle body shaming, feminism and racism, and these two American teens are the latest online activists to take the internet by storm.

With over 91k Instagram and Twitter followers between them, New Yorkers Mina (you need to follow her Instagram and Twitter) and Dounia (same here - Instagram and Twitter) are starting to make a name for themselves and their message of body positivity.

Now, the teens have started a hashtag campaign, #MyFavouritePictureOfMe, where followers are invited to send in their favourite pictures of themselves, explaining why they like it. Mina’s picture was captioned “I love all my belly, thighs and cellulite. I wish I could kiss it all”. Now that’s something we could all do a little more of, right?

Mina also exposes her thighs, tummy and other body areas most of us might shy away from posting on Instagram, proving there’s really nothing to be scared of. It’s your body, and it’s beautiful just the way it is. Plus-size sensation Tess Holliday shared the same idea when we interviewed her in October. 

The pair think it’s time we stop self-hating; “What I want to say is: "My god, if you are fat, be fat” Dounia posted on her Instagram page, urging followers to embrace their bodies. After recovering from an eating disorder herself, Dounia found it difficult to deal with her new body shape, but decided to make the best of the situation and buy some new clothes.

She posted the pictures on Instagram, and bam – she’s now an inspiration around the world for people who have body image issues.

The duo might only be teenagers (Mina is 19, Dounia is 18), but these girls are wise beyond their years. As well as body positivity, Mina and Dounia are incredibly passionate about racial equality and feminism for all, and aren’t afraid to call out anyone who needs a little reality check. Remember Ariana Grande's sexist radio interview? 

We wonder what they think of Instafamous Essena O’Neill who quit social media earlier this month after explaining how she posed 100 times to get the perfect flat stomach and lived her life by likes. Essena ditched social media to get back to what she called “real life”, but could she have learnt a thing or two from Mina and Dounia? 

Social media isn’t going anywhere – so surely bosy positive posts are better than none at all? Let us know what you think below, and take a look at the best plus-size models you can follow right now.

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