Douglas Booth On Food Poisoning, Tom Ford And His Fav Halloween Costume

Douglas Booth On Food Poisoning, Tom Ford And His Fav Halloween Costume

From loving life in The Riot Club to dressing up as Jack Sparrow for Halloween, we get the inside scoop from Burberry's best boy, Douglas Booth

Lead role in this year's biggest movie? Check. Burberry campaign star? Double check.  And he's not too hard on the eyes either. We caught up with the delectable Douglas Booth at BAFTA's Breakthrough Brit awards to talk  Riot Club bromances, Burberry suits and Sofia Coppola.

InStyle: We’re at the BAFTA Breakthrough Brit awards, are you having a good evening?

Douglas: I literally just had a meeting with a director like an hour ago! Anyway it’s all good. I’m here and I’m excited to be here!


InStyle: If you could give someone a Breakthrough Brit award, who would it be? Yourself?

Douglas: I wouldn’t go there! I’d give it to Josh O’Connor who was in The Riot Club with me. It’s his first film and he’s absolutely phenomenal in it. I’m surprised he’s not nominated tonight, but I’m sure he’ll be nominated next year.

InStyle: The Riot Club wasn’t the most cheery film ever…

Douglas: It’s not the most feel good movie of 2014 I have to say, but what’s good is it’s a film that makes you think. It really shines a mirror on the upper crust of our society.


InStyle: What are you watching at the moment?

Douglas: Episodes. I’ve just got into it, I had food poisoning the other day and I watched nearly two series in one go. And I just watched four Sofia Coppola films. Intense, but great.

InStyle: You're looking pretty dapper tonight…

Douglas: I'm wearing Burberry. Cool suit right?


InStyle: Great! We love a check at InStyle...

Douglas: I love a check too. You could say I like check a lot!


InStyle: Do you ever wear anything apart from Burberry?

Douglas: Yes of course! I find certain pieces that I like to wear a lot. Tom Ford and Dolce & Gabbana are my main go tos. But then everyday I wear a lot of Topshop, wait not Topshop, I mean Topman! Do I look like a woman?!

InStyle: Halloween is this week, what’s your best costume?

Douglas: I did Captain Jack Sparrow once because someone said I look a bit like a young Johnny Depp. I went as him for a big Halloween party in LA and I was stopped by a group of about 400 Japanese tourists.

InStyle: Who would you get to play you in a film about your life?

Douglas: Oh Lord, I have no idea. Maybe Sam Claflin because he knows me quite well. We're really good friends so he’d probably get my traits down. And I’d love to work with Javier Bardem.


By George Driver/@iamgdriver

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