Donald Trump's Net Worth Is 13 Figures?! Inside His Bottomless Bank Account

Donald Trump's Net Worth Is 13 Figures?! Inside His Bottomless Bank Account

Donald Trump has way too much money for his own good…

Donald Trump. There is a lot that we totally don’t agree with you on (read: everything), but somehow, you’ve made it. You’re one of America’s most well-known faces, a scarily legitimate presidential candidate and a mega-successful businessman, with SO much money in the bank.

According to Forbes, Donald Trump’s net worth is in the region of $4 to $4.5 BILLION dollars, making him the joint 324th richest billionaire in the world. Bill Gates takes the top spot with $75 billion dollars, and Mark Zuckerberg comes in at #6 with $44.6 billion.

So how did Donald get there? He did inherit some of his vast wealth from his father, who was a property developer in Queens, New York City. Papa Trump was worth between $250 million and $400 million at the time of his death, which will have definitely bolstered Trump’s bank account.

Straight out of college, Donald was worth around $1 million, which he put into his father’s property business. Good old Don then splashed his cash behind some huge buildings, like Trump Tower and the Taj Mahal Casino.

Trump’s wealth comes from some sporty sources, too. He (ok, maybe not Donald Trump personally) operates a number of golf courses around the world, bought a baseball team and even acted as a financial advisor to Mike Tyson at one point.

Then there’s the fact that Trump was the sole (or part owner) of the controversial Miss Universe pageant, which he has now sold. We wonder what his wife, Melania Trump, thinks about that?

Of course, he’s into the standard stocks and shares too, but it’s that business acumen that had landed Donald his billions in the bank.

Oh, and how can we forget about The Apprentice? The US equivalent to Lord Sugar fronted the TV series for 11 years, before passing the baton on to Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

There is a slight catch to Donald Trump’s net worth… he’s never actually declared what it is. Other political opponents have question his tax practices, saying he’s nowhere near as wealthy as he says he is. Hmmm...

Trump quite literally trumps Beyonce’s net worth, as well as Katy Perry’s net worth, even though she’s the 3rd richest entertainer in the world. 

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