Does Bruno live up to the hype?

Does Bruno live up to the hype?

Find out what InStyle thought of Bruno - this summer's must-see movie.

Bruno may be schwarz-listed from Milan fashion week at the start of Sacha Baron Cohen’s hideously funny new film Bruno, but it’s certainly on our must-see movie list this month. 

Just make sure you don’t bring your mum – or your boyfriend, for that matter – to say Bruno makes for uncomfortable viewing is a humungous understatement. 

The film follows the outrageously camp, Austrian, fashionista's quest to become a celebrity after he is sacked from his beloved Fashion TV show. Just like Ali G and Borat his desperate attempt to make it in Hollywood leads him to trick people (from Paula Abdul to Latoya Jackson – to a pastor who specialises in turning gay men straight) into doing ridiculous interviews. 

How many of Borat’s interviews are actually real is hard to tell but the scene when he tries to solve peace in the Middle East and confuses Hamas with Hummus has to go down as one of Sacha Baron Cohen’s funniest ever. 

Then there are the cameos from Sting, Bono, Elton John, Chris Martin and Snoop Dogg in Bruno’s charity song mickey-take finale. All of which serve to prove that the cult of Sacha Baron Cohen is just getting bigger and bigger. No matter how much he tries to wipe the smile off of smug celebrity culture.

By Charlotte Moore

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