WATCH: The 411 On The Doctor Who Christmas Special!

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Prepare to hide behind your sofa, this one is CREEPY AF.

The Doctor Who Christmas special is almost as much of a seasonal staple as the Turkey, The Queen and Brussel Sprouts.

This time around The Time Lord is joined by a temporary companion played by the divine Charity Wakefield, who sits down with Joshington Hosts to give us the low down on everything you need to know. Spoiler alert: ‘it’s really, REALLY good! I know you are not supposed to say that about your own work, but it is.’

Playing a character that is serving up Teri Hatcher 90s vibes, Charity describes the episode entitled, ‘The Return of Doctor Mysterio’ as, ‘touching on superhero territory. There’s a character called The Ghost who is loosely based on Superman. It’s a similar idea of someone being a superhero but actually having a double life. My character is very involved in his double life. I play Lucy Fletcher who is a bit like Lois Lane, she’s an investigative journalist living in New York.’ We are obsessed already!

Now obviously the actress couldn’t reveal much more about the story line but it didn’t stop Charity letting us in on a few set secrets. ‘It is very immersive, what’s amazing is that the whole thing is set in New York but everything was built in Cardiff. Within five days it went from a snowy scene on the Thames to a New York apartment, which my character lived in… It looked totally real.

'So when you are on that set looking out the window it looks like New York, it sounds like New York and when you walk around the flat and pull out a book from the book case it’s a real book that someone has actually taken the time to think my character would read.’ Talk about an impressive attention to detail right there!

But what was it like filming with many people’s guilty crush, Peter Capaldi? ‘He is really kind, he’s really nice. He took me around the set and introduced me to people.’ Plus, he didn’t stop there, the Doctor himself showed Charity the Tardis - now that sounds racy!  

Peter Capaldi recently said he has no plans to stop playing The Time Lord any time soon, so could there ever be a female doctor? Charity seems to think so, ‘absolutely! I am almost sad that I have done the show now because I'm scared that prohibits me from even being considered for that role. But maybe she was secretly Doctor Who any way?’ Watch this space team!

So we know what the Christmas assistant is up to, here is where some of the other companions are now…

Jenna Coleman, Clara Oswald (2012-2015)

Coleman’s career has gone from strength to strength since leaving the show. The former Emmerdale actress (YES, THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED) has gone on to drown on the Titanic in Julian Fellowes adaption of the tragic tale and managed to get herself a nice new tiara AND an equally fine looking new boyfriend in Victoria.

Karen Gillan, Amy Pond (2008-2013)

After playing the assistant to Matt Smith (JEALOUS. MUCH!) Karen is currently filming the new Jumanji film with the likes of The Rock and Kevin Hart, having completed work on Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume Two. So it’s safe to say someone is doing well!

Billie Piper, Rose Tyler (2005-2010)

We are still praying that Billie will bring the honey back to the bee and launch a pop comeback. But in the meantime she’s busy winning serious acting awards, after being crowned the Best Actress at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards for her devastating turn as a woman plagued by her inability to have a child in Yerma. 

Now don’t go anywhere before you see Charity’s dalek impression in the above video and, Whovians assemble, because we put the actress’s Doctor Who knowledge to the test.

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