Do These Insta-Comments Prove That Kendall Jenner IS Being Bullied Backstage?

Do These Insta-Comments Prove That Kendall Jenner IS Being Bullied Backstage?

Kendall Jenner has dashed rumours of her being a victim of model bullying but these Instagram comments fresh from New York Fashion Week tell a very different story...

In the words of Karl Lagerfeld who, you know, knows a thing or two about fashion Kendall Jenner is, without a doubt, the 'girl of the moment'. From her rise as Kim's younger sister in the hit reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashian's to becoming one of the world's most in-demand and high profile models, it would seem that nothing can stand in Kendall's way.

However, that may not exactly be the case... 

Last year, Kendall was forced to deny that she was a victim of bullying inflicted by her fellow models backstage during New York Fashion Week after reports said that her fellow catwalkers were resulting to school-girl tactics of dropping their cigarette butts in her drinks and generally making her feel unwelcome and unworthy of her modelling fame. 

So, with Kendall's encouragement, we all dashed the rumours as hearsay. That was until we saw these comments. 

It all started when Instagram post that captured Kendall Jenner in the make-up chair getting ready backstage at Donna Karan's New York Fashion Week show was uploaded to the social media platform. For the most part, all was well. Then a couple of models who also walked Donna Karan's show weighed in with their questionable thoughts on Kendall. 


The models in question are Binx Walton and Lexi Boling, who posted very sarcastic comments alongside the snap of Kendall. And the jibes we're referring to are the bottom two posts on the feed above... 

For those of you whose eyesight leaves more to be desired, we'll break it down: Lexi tagged Binx Walton her the comment which reads 'she's never looked better [crying-laughing face emoji]'. Binx went on to reply 'that's f**ked up' with the same cry-laugh emoji.

Unsurprisingly, both models have now deleted their comments. While Lexi's representative has went on to apologise on her behalf, we doubt these comments will be easy to shrug off. 

If that wasn't enough, the plot has thickened all the more now that this photograph of Kendall and Lexi backstage at the very show the Instagram shot was taken has surfaced. 

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Now we're no body-language experts, but these two don't exactly look thrilled to be standing next to each other, do they? 

Not that we're worried about Kendall — considering she's walked more catwalks this season than we care to count, has a HUGE and very loyal fan base and has bagged more fashion campaigns than most in her first year as a top model, we reckon she'll shrug this whole bullying business off like a pro... 

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