Do A Fifty Shades Of Grey Inspired Work-Out By The Jump Star Louise Hazel

Do A Fifty Shades Of Grey Inspired Work-Out By The Jump Star Louise Hazel

Just incase you haven’t had enough (already) of the Fifty Shades of Grey hype, The Jump finalist Louise Hazel is hosting a day of one-off 'Fifty Shades’ workouts - with ropes and chains - the day after the release of the film

Louise Hazel, the one time girlfriend of Michael Fassbender (who could have made an exceptional Christian Grey, we think) is inviting you to join in her Fifty Shades of Grey workout that she's dubbed the “ass whooping of the year." To get you in the fifty Shades frame of mind she promises, "ropes, chains - and pain!”

The S&M-themed event is being hosted at Hoxton Arches in Shoreditch, East London. Louise says: “I read all three 50 Shades of Grey books and I just didn’t want them to end, so I designed a workout involving chains and ropes in honour of all young women like me who want to live vicariously through Anastasia Steele. Lots of fans will be going to see 50 Shades of Grey on the day of release, so Christian Grey will be fresh in their minds when they are enduring my tortuous workout and begging for their pain to end. It’s going to be grueling, but there will be more pleasure than pain. Ultimately the ladies will be satisfied and feel really good about themselves afterwards.”

Each session will last one hour with Louise expertly guiding you through a grueling 45-minute workout, focusing on conditioning your upper/lower body - the 50 Shades way. “ I wanted to make Valentine’s Day fun,” she explains. “  Whether you’re single, married or its complicated, I think it’s important that women feel empowered and happy from the inside out, no matter what day of the year it is.”

See you there?

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