Dita Von Teese does Eurovision

Dita Von Teese does Eurovision

The burlesque star spiced-up Germany's entry in the Eurovision Song Contest with a saucy striptease.

Whether you stayed in to watch it, went all out with a Euro-pop party, or shunned it entirely to go out and about on your usual Saturday night escapades - we're sure that you were well aware that the Eurovision Song Contest took place on Saturday night (and for once, the UK didn't do too badly!)

So yes, although our congratulations go to 21-year-old Londoner Jade Ewans for coming in a mightily respectable fifth place, our attentions were somewhat stolen by a cameo appearance from our favourite burlesque beauty...

Yes, Germany's entry to the competition was spiced-up with a saucy striptease from the one-and-only Dita Von Teese. The starlet sashayed around in one of her signature teeny-tiny corsets in the background to their act Alex Swings Oscar Sings, and received a huge reaction from the crowd in Moscow.

But despite her impressive performance, (and the German singer's incredibly tight sequinned silver trousers) they only managed to finish in a dismal 20th place.

Never mind Dita, you were our favourite.

By Sarah Karmali


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