Disneyrollergirl: Everything You Need To Know

Disneyrollergirl: Everything You Need To Know

Remember when Disneyrollergirl, the anonymous blog about insider secrets, took the fashion industry by storm? We're so glad Navaz unveiled herself - here's what she has to say...



ANONYMOUS: Disneyrollergirl started as an anonymous blog in 2007, telling the tales of what happens behind the scenes in the fashion industry. While working at a magazine, Navaz Batliwalla used the blog to essentially dump all her insider stories, and readers couldn’t get enough. Her tantalising tales were lapped up and as the posts got more and more popular, eventually fashion editor Navaz went public and revealed herself as the writer behind this hugely successful blog.

MORE THAN FASHION: Disneyrollergirl is less #OOTD and more cultural commentary, focusing less on trends and more on exciting collaborations, issues in fashion and breaking style news. Navaz says her posts are very ‘self-indulgent’ and that she blogs half-formed ideas and looks back on them later, but thousands of readers love the mix of fashion, art, skateboarding and whatever else takes Navaz’s fancy.

INSIDER: Navaz has worked in fashion professionally for years, helping to launch magazines in India as well as working in the UK. Since Disneyrollergirl took off, Navaz is now a full-time blogger and collaborates with brands like Kurt Geiger, Burberry and Harvey Nichols, who clamour to work with this fashion lover. As well as blogging, Navaz still works as a freelance fashion stylist and editor, journalist and content creator.

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