Disney Princesses As Racy Retro Pin-Ups? Right This Way...

Prepare to see Belle, Ariel and Snow White as you've NEVER seen them before.

Our favourite Disney princesses have undergone a number of makeovers this year.

They've gone barefaced, lopped off their trademark flowing locks in favour of edgy short hair and been transformed into their respective love interests.

We've even been treated to a glimpse of what they'd look like if they were members of the Kardashian clan.

Reckon there’s nothing else that can be done with Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and co?

Think again.

LA based artist Andrew Tarusov has put pen to paper and reimagined 10 of Disney's best-loved leading ladies as saucy pin-up models.

Yes, really.

Andrew's retro interpretation of The Little Mermaid sees Ariel's emerald green bikini top banished.

Instead, the redhead appears nude with Sebastian the crab protecting her modesty. Andrew's also swapped Ariel's tail for a pair of slender legs which she cheekily kicks up into the air.

Snow White's new look is even more racy.

Her demure red, blue and yellow caped dress has been replaced with a vintage-style bustier that clings to every curve. A pair of sheer black lace-topped stockings complete Snow White's grown-up ensemble.

That's not even the most surprising thing about Andrew's reinvention of Snow White.

The porcelain-skinned princess is joined in bed by a naked Dopey who sports a very bashful expression.

The dwarf uses the dark sheets to hide his body from full view.

In Andrew's mind, mild-mannered Belle from Beauty And The Beast has a much more domineering personality.

The sketch sees the brunette stepping on the neck of a subservient Beast while brandishing a riding crop.

Is anyone else seeing parallels with the storyline between Fifty Shades Of Grey characters Anastasia and Christian?!

Peter Pan's pal Tinkerbell, Aladdin's glamorous girl Jasmine and Tiana from The Princess And The Frog have also been given a retro reinvention.

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