The 7 Funniest Things About The Disney Dating App

The 7 Funniest Things About The Disney Dating App

Want to find your Prince Charming (barf)? All your dreams have come true… (Barf)

A new dating site launches every few days, with varying USPs – from farmers only to gluten-free fanatics - but the latest, Mouse Mingle, has really got the office talking.

We can’t say we’ve found lacking opportunities to find a +1 who is as into Disney as we are, though that’s could be because we’re happy enough watching the classics back-to-back but it doesn’t play a massive part in our lives.

But, if you feel your penchant for Disney has been getting in the way of finding your one true <3, fangirls and fanboys, this one is for you.

Described on the site as ‘the place to connect people who love Disney and who want that same magic in their relationship’, it's a pretty niche idea - but one, it turns out, there's a big market for.

Here are the 7 best things about it…

1.    It’s called Mouse Mingle because of Mickey and Minnie, apparently, giving us #relationshipgoals. (They have been together for quite a while.)

2.    It’s based on Disney-related questions, debunking how much of a fan you really are with questions about the songs, your favourite princess or prince and your level of self-confessed Disney mania. E.g. Which best describes you  - ‘I'm THE Disney person at work’ to ‘I still have a lot to learn’?

3.    This epic app isn’t free – but you wouldn't really expect it to be, would you? With all that Disney-related matchmaking to do. It’s $12.55 to connect with your fellow MouseMinglers, with the 55 cent not a bid to get extra cash but as a nod to 1955, the first Disneyland opened.

4.    It was created by Dave Tavres, who used to work as an engineer on the Disneyland Railroad, after he spotted a gap in the marker for Disney lovers. ‘I found it hard to find women who were as interested in Disney as I am,’ he said – and clever old Dave created a solution to his own problem.

5.    What was lacking in other sites for Dave, and others agreed, was being able to distinguish between different ages and locations but not how totally obsessed you are with Disney #datingappproblems

6.    Forget the Thai tigers on Tinder, the profile pictures on Mouse Mingle shows an above-average percentage of daters-to-be dressed up as characters including Snow White and Robin Hood. Others, cheekily, have just gone for drawings of the characters or – our favourite – pictures posing with their Disney merch. (Swoon.)

7.    Seems there’s more people out there that have the same issue as Dave as Mouse Mingle has been experiencing problems on the site, so is currently OOA. Fingers crossed it’ll be back up and running soon! We’ve got a Prince Charming to find.

No prizes for guessing the honeymoon locay… Paris or Florida?



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